Stevenage Care Worker Hailed a Hero

29 May

Alina Pop, a Stevenage care worker for Hales Home Care, has received a Hales Heroes Award for Excellence in recognition of the work she does every day, often going above and beyond the call of duty.

Alina was shocked and grateful to receive the award. She said: “My son is currently undertaking exams, so I’m planning on using the money to buy him a moped as a surprise for all his hard work.”

Hales Home Care says it hopes the monthly awards will help to raise the profile of care workers and demonstrate the value of their role in the community.

Rix Sidhu, Care Manager of the Stevenage branch, said: “We are very proud one of our care workers has received the award, and it shows that everyone has a chance to win.”

Regional Operations Manager Julia Scotton (left) and Quality and Compliance Manager Alison Field (right) present care worker Alina Pop with her award.

Article source: The Comet


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