Hales Care Awards

Recognising our Superheroes

Be Proud, Be Nominated, Be a Winner!

We are delighted to announce that nominations for the Hales Care Awards 2020 are now open. The awards champion and reward outstanding behaviours amongst our dedicated and hard-working staff.

The awards are open to ALL Hales Home Care staff and teams – individuals, double up partners or whole branches.

The criteria are based on our company values:
– Deliver a Personal Approach
– Professional Excellence
– Empower trust
– Champion Change
– Exceptional Performance

Be Proud, Be Nominated, Be a Winner!

How to nominate?

To enter, all you have to do is be nominated! Nominations are accepted from colleagues, managers, service users and their families. All you have to do is fill in the form, write a little about how the nominee meets the criteria and then send it to your local branch by the deadline of 16th December 2019. All shortlisted nominees will be notified and the winners will be announced SOON.

Nominations should be sent by email to quality@halesgroup.co.uk or by post to:

Nicola Mewse
Managing Director
Hales Group Ltd
Unit 4 A-C Lynx Business Park
Fordham Road

Deliver a Personal Approach Award

This care worker will have demonstrated where they deliver a person centred care service which has made a positive difference to a service users life. This could involve improving mobility, increasing social interaction, facilitating access to something that the SU couldn’t previously enjoy, or simply ensuring that everyday a service user has their needs and wishes carried out in a way that maintains dignity, shows respect and allows the service user to live as independently as possible.

The award will go to a care worker that has demonstrated individualised care, shown they have listened closely to a service user and that their actions have improved the outcomes for the service user over a sustained period.

Maintain Professional Excellence Award

This award will go to a care worker who consistently demonstrates professional excellence in their work and their relationships. The judges will consider attendance, personal image, attitudes to colleagues and interaction with families and stakeholders. Judges are particularly keen to hear about care workers who are advocates for the industry and present a professional image of care work and Hales Home Care in other aspects of their lives – this may be when volunteering, involvement in a community group or club, positive engagement with continuous professional development or actions that demonstrate they are an ambassador for the service.

Empower Trust Award

This award will go to a care worker who has demonstrated honesty & trust over and above their professional boundaries. This could be a supervisor, team leader or mentor who has evidenced their support of new care workers and their ability to engender confidence and enthusiasm from others over a period of time. This could be an isolated event linked to the safety, security or protection of our service users, their families, their possessions and pets.

This could be linked to a care worker who has managed to encourage and persuade a service user (through the build up of trust) to develop more independence, learn or relearn a skill, or attend a community event benefitting their wellbeing, that they would otherwise not have attended.

Champion Change Award

This award is intended to recognise a care worker who has challenged the system and identified a positive change. This could be through ideas and engagement with their local branch resulting in a change to a process, or this could be linked to an isolated case in which a service user benefitted from a change to their package of care or third party intervention brought about by a care workers report of a changing need, or this could be the result of action taken by a care worker to report circumstances which may have put the service user at risk of harm. Hales Homecare want to recognise and reward a culture of empowering change and encouraging staff to feel free to talk about the service and ways in which it could be improved.

Exceptional Performance Award

This award will go to a worker who demonstrates dedication to Hales through length of service, attendance record and evidences commitment to our policies, procedures and brand values. This award is open to all Hales Group employees regardless of department or job role.

Nominations should be supported by the Line Manager and will be verified via Payroll data.