Private Care Services

Personalised Private Care

At Hales Home Care, we offer tailored, personalised private care and support to ensure that all of our service users can continue to live a fulfilling and happy life, no matter their circumstances. Our private care services allow our service users to live in their own home, enabling them to continue socialising and participating in their community. 

A female care worker talking to an elderly woman

What Are Private Care Services?

Our in-home private care services offer a person-centric, compassionate and discreet service that not only preserves the dignity and pride of the individual, but also allows them to continue living at home.

Having a Hales professional visiting yours, or your loved ones home, gives you the peace of mind in knowing that quality of life is maintained along with overall safety and health and wellbeing too.

Although each of our care plans are created completely bespoke to the individual, our carers will typically help with the following tasks:

  • Getting out of bed.
  • Dressing.
  • Toileting.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Supporting medical requirements. 
  • Shopping and social support.
  • Evening bed routine.

Even as needs change, these requirements can evolve and adapt to different circumstances.

What Private Care Services Can We Offer?

We’re committed to ensuring that no matter what kind of care you require, we’re able to create a personalised care plan to ensure that you or your family member can continue to live independently with a helping hand from our personable and fully trained carers.

Some of the private care services we offer, include:

Domestic Care

This could include a range of tasks our carers can help with, but usually these mean helping with shopping, laundry, washing up, light housekeeping, and bathroom and toilet cleaning.


Companionship could be something as simple as having someone to chat with, playing games, watching television and much more.

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Personal Care

Our carers can offer help with more personal aspects of hygiene and daily care, by helping with morning and bedtime routines, bathing and showering, toileting, meal preparation, encouraging independence and helping with medical care.


Reablement means we can offer short-term assessments and support in day-to-day activities after hospital discharge or periods of illness to prevent readmission.

Respite & Sit Ins

Our respite and sits in enable family members to get some much needed rest and recuperation. 

Technology Enabled Care

We understand that being away from a loved one, particularly those who are in need of home assistance can be difficult. This is why we utilise the latest in healthcare technology to supply real-time updates and data to ensure that you have the best possible overview of service user care.

a carer helping an elderly male stand up

Our Approach to Private Care

Hales Home Care has been providing tailored home care, particularly in dementia care, to those most vulnerable in society for more than two decades.

We work with all of our carers to ensure they continue to get the very best training and support, to ensure they can offer only the most exceptional care to our service users.

We harness the very best in industry leading technology to ensure that we’re able to build upon our personalised one to one care services. 

The technology allows both care professionals and family members access to secure care plans and access to real-time data when it comes to increased risk, care reviews, changes in medication and changes in daily routines for complete peace of mind.


How Does Private Home Care Differ From Other Forms of Care?

Private home care differs from other forms of care, such as nursing, because it allows an individual to remain in their own home.

Unlike institutional care settings, private home care allows a carer to offer one-to-one support, focusing on the specific and tailored needs of the individual.

How Do I Choose the Right Private Home Care Provider?

The best thing you can do when you, or a family member, is in need of additional support and home care is to ensure that you choose a care option that caters to specific needs.

We work closely with families and service users to develop a personalised care plan that is regularly reviewed to ensure that only the best possible care is provided for changing needs.

What Are the Benefits of Private Home Care?

Private home care offers several benefits for those who require assistance, such as:

  • Comfort and familiarity.
  • Personalised one-to-one care.
  • Independence and dignity.
  • Companionship.
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