Signs Elderly Parents Need Home Care Support

06 February | By
young female care worker providing home care support to older service user

It can be difficult to determine when an elderly parent needs homecare because the signs can be subtle. However, there are a few common indicators that may suggest that your elderly loved one may benefit from homecare support.

Signs that elderly parents need home care

Difficulty with daily tasks

If an elderly loved one is having difficulty with basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, or grooming, it may be a sign that they need assistance.

Changes in physical appearance

If your parent or a loved one appears unkempt or unhygienic, it may be a sign that they are unable to take care of themselves.

Forgetfulness or confusion

If they are experiencing memory loss or confusion, it may be a sign that they need help with managing their daily routine. This could also be an early sign of a more serious condition like dementia. Click here to learn more about the early signs and symptoms of dementia. 

Difficulty with transportation

If they are no longer able to drive or commute safely, it may be a sign that they need assistance getting to appointments.

Difficulty with managing finances

This may be a sign that they need assistance with budgeting and paying bills.

Isolation and loneliness

If an elderly loved one is not participating in social activities, it may be a sign that they need more companionship.

As our parents get older and become more prone to health issues, they may experience difficulty with daily tasks and other common signs that they may need home care support. It’s important to pay attention to these signs and consult with healthcare professionals if you notice any changes in your parent’s health or behaviour.

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