Pets as Therapy at Hales Homecare

16 August

It is normal to feel sad, stressed or overwhelmed during the current time, especially with changes in lockdown and pressures.

Hales Home Care is committed to supporting a healthy and happy workforce in a variety of ways. Along with encouraging you to maintain a healthy lifestyle: proper diet, sleep, exercise and social contacts with friends and family. Hales is now working with PATPets as Therapy, to support Sanka in her training as a “Pets as Therapy” dog (PAT-2245786) to become our company Therapy Support dog.

Sanka has already started visiting branches to offer mental and physical reassurance to our care and office staff. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of fuss to help you through the day. Sanka is still in training for her qualification, so keep an eye out in branches and come say hello if you see her.

Last week, we had Sanka, our internal therapy dog, in the South Tyneside branch.

Sanka is visiting branches to offer emotional and mental support to staff in these stressful times of pandemic and Brexit. Staff can come in and offload their concerns to us with a reassuring cuddle from Sanka.

Keep an eye out in your branches to see if the #TherapyDog is in session!

Don’t forget Hales offer a range of wellbeing support for staff in the following ways too:

You can talk to us about your journey as a care worker by emailing: or you can speak to someone confidentially on our Employee Assistance Helpline on 0800 389 0285

It’s all about caring.


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