Outstanding Care Hero Recognised in Leicester

20 April

The Hales Heroes award programme from Hales Home Care is in its third year, and this month they’re delighted to announce that the most recent winner works in the Leicester branch.

The awards, introduced back in 2017, were founded to incentivise staff to keep up their hard work, while acknowledging and rewarding those prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty, which is even more pertinent given the circumstances created by the coronavirus.

Those who meet the criteria, which focuses on reliability, quality and professional competence, are entered into a monthly draw with the opportunity of winning £1,000 and a chance to be recognised by their colleagues.

It is estimated that over 540,000 people in the UK are currently receiving care support in their own home and with these numbers increasing, care staff are under growing pressure, which is why it is so important to recognise those who are committed to the service, while also encouraging new recruits into the industry.

This is the reason Hales Home Care introduced their awards in the first place, and with the pressure of the coronavirus hitting hard in the sector, it’s even more critical that we recognise such selfless work.

This month’s winner, Anita Patel, was hailed by her branch manager Tiren Kaur, “She was only ever supposed to be a part-time worker but has been pulling in shifts like a trooper. She has been going above and beyond getting PPE out to all carers, ensuring every client she has visited is checked in on mentally too.” She continues “She has even been checking in on her colleagues who have had to isolate to offer them another support option to maintain a positive look and help their mental health. Despite having two young children under four and working under the circumstances- this carer is selfless. I couldn’t be prouder of her and appreciate her than I already am.”

An Urgent Plea from Hales Care

Hales Home Care is issuing an urgent plea for help. Anita has gone above and beyond to get vital PPE out to her colleagues, but the group is facing an immediate shortage of face masks, and they’re reaching out to you for help.

If you have spare fabric and a little bit of time on your hands, Hales Home Care is on the lookout for thousands of face masks to distribute to their front-line workers – machine washable, double cotton layers are all they need in order protect those working so selflessly.

If you’re interested in registering to help the appeal, please contact kirsty.walpole@halesgroup.co.uk.


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