My Story in Care by Michaela

Case Study

I started working at The Old Maltings in Swaffham as a Relief Care Worker in 2007, it was run by a different company then. It was only about six months after I started working there that I was offered a permanent post as a care worker and started doing my NVQ2 – I can remember feeling so proud. I loved being part of a team. I had worked in care homes and hospital, but I had not worked in Domiciliary Care before and really enjoyed that we were giving quality person centred care and treating each service user as an individual.

We also had a Day Centre and I enjoyed my shifts in there. I love being creative and found that I got lots of satisfaction from spending time sitting doing arts and crafts and supporting service users and those from the community to express themselves in a creative way. After around 12 months of working there, the Activities Coordinator left and I applied for the job and was lucky enough to get it. We had a good team and we all worked together to ensure the participants went home with a smile.

Unfortunately, in 2010, I had to give up working for a while due to ill health. However, in 2016, just as Hales were taking over the Old Maltings, I received a phone call from the manager asking how I was and would I like to come for an interview as there were vacancies.

I was so pleased to return. I started off with just a few hours but was quickly back working full time as a care worker, within a few months I was asked if I would like to be a Relief Team Leader, which I said yes to and I started doing my NVQ3. About 6 months later, a Team Leader left and I applied and got the job. I liked organising and being part of a team, assisting care workers when needed, learning new skills and information. Being a support to service users and helping make changes for their benefit.

Then, in 2020, there was a poster in the office advertising a job as a Regional Trainer, I can remember seeing it and a couple of colleagues saying “you could do that” and me saying “no I don’t know the first thing about training”, I was encouraged by my Manager to apply, which I did, and I got an interview. I had to do a short presentation, which took me completely out of my comfort zone, but it did me good, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

In the past 20 months, I have been given so much support, which has not only helped me grow in my career, but also as a person. I have helped to develop a new Care Coach role, which will be starting soon, and I am now the Lead Trainer for Person Centred Care and Pressure Care, my manager encourages me to do new things and my confidence and self-esteem have grown so much.

I love training, I have worked in care for over 30 years and I have to say, this is the best company I have ever worked for, they are supportive and encouraging. I love being able to pass my knowledge on to new care workers and those that come to us from other companies, or other caring backgrounds.

Care is such an important, but at times undervalued career. I am proof that with Hales you will never be undervalued, you will be made to feel that what you do is worthwhile and if you want to make a career in care it will be encouraged.

Michaela Fullilove
Regional Trainer – East Anglia

There are always opportunities to progress and develop in the Care sector. With the right attitude, you could progress your career just like Michaela.

Whether you are looking to begin a brand new career in care, or take that next step on the ladder, we have the opportunity for you. We are always looking out for new care workers, so get in touch to find out more – call 0800 124 4765 or send an email to