Homecare Day 2019

04 December

Join us in celebrating Homecare Day 2019 and raise awareness of the UK’s homecare services, the service users, all home care staff, and the opportunities homecare services offer to enhance lives, improve wellbeing and combat loneliness for a wide range of people.


Q: What advice would you give to people who are considering a career in care?

“Every day is different just as people are different. All I wanted to do is help people and I never knew I could do that before I started working in Care.

I think people will learn through us how much care work affects everyone at some point in their lives. One day your family may need it or even you will. We are starting to be recognised as an important part of society – all you need is to actually care, be willing to learn and the rewards speak for themselves.

No money can give you the satisfaction in knowing you are the reason they wish to carry on living through their own burdens of life. Isn’t that wonderful?”

– Jyoti, Hales Heroes Draw Winner in May 2019


Congratulations to the following branches on achieving GOOD rating from CQC this year:

Bishopsfield Court
St Edmunds Court
Redwood Glades


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