Hales Homecare Wins HCHA Community Star Award for Exceptional Extra Care

09 December

Congratulations to our Care team at Ewart House Extra Care scheme in Harrow on winning the HCHA Community Star Award for Exceptional Extra Care.

Ewart House Extra Care scheme in Harrow has 47 independent flats. Tenants are aged over 55, most are living with pre-existing health conditions, and they are supported by staff onsite from HCHA’s Housing Team and the Hales Homecare Team. The collaborative partnership between Hales and HCHA has greatly contributed to the careful management of the health and well-being of this particular group of vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic. In appreciation of keeping the community safe, through excellence in information flow, the HCHA Community Star Award was presented to both teams for exceptional Extra Care.

Rix Sidhu, Hales Onsite Manager, commented: “We are proud of our excellent working relationship with both Harrow Council and the HCHA housing team and we all benefit from clear lines of communication. We are supportive of each other’s responsibilities and work collaboratively to provide the best service to the tenants. At Hales Homecare, we pride ourselves on the prevention work we have done in relation to Covid-19; we have provided our care staff with detailed support and information, we’ve maintained excellent PPE stocks and we’ve listened to our staff so that they can do their job safely on a daily basis.”

Rix continued: “Unlike sheltered schemes, Ewart House has care staff on site, day and night – it’s a huge advantage for the tenants who are not isolated. Furthermore, our carers don’t work elsewhere on other sites minimising risks of cross infection. We are available to provide a care package to all 47 flats from Hales Group’s care team which provides peace of mind that tenants have someone checking in on them and supporting them with their daily living needs.”

To find out more about our care services, please contact your local branch or email care@halesgroup.co.uk


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