Hales Home Care Unveils the Hales Care Awards 2023

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Hales Home Care is thrilled to announce the relaunch of Hales Care Awards. The annual awards serve as a platform to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary dedication and hard work of our staff members who go above and beyond in providing outstanding care to service users, families, colleagues and applicants. 

Nicola Mewse, Hales Group Managing Director, commented, “The Hales Care Awards exemplify Hales Home Care’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of care and celebrating the exceptional individuals who make it possible, wherever in the team they operate.” 

“These awards will showcase the incredible efforts of our staff in ensuring service users live fulfilling and independent lives”, Nicola added. 

Nominations for the awards are accepted from Hales colleagues, managers, service users, and their families. Winners will receive a prestigious trophy and a cash prize of up to £1000. 

The Hales Care Awards comprise five categories based on Hales Group Ltd.’s company values, each shining a spotlight on the exceptional qualities and contributions of their remarkable care workers and staff: 

Deliver a Personal Approach Award  

This award recognises the worker who has demonstrated a person-centred care service that has significantly improved a service user’s life. Whether it’s enhancing mobility, increasing social interaction, or ensuring that a service user’s needs and wishes are carried out with dignity and respect, this award recognises personalised care that positively impacts service users over an extended period. Equally this award could be presented to a colleague who has demonstrated a person centred approach in their areas of responsibility e.g Training or Recruitment 

Maintain Professional Excellence Award 

This category acknowledges the worker who consistently displays professional excellence in their work and relationships. Judges will consider factors such as attendance, personal image, interactions with colleagues and families, and their advocacy for the industry. It rewards those who present a professional image of care work and Hales Home Care in various aspects of their lives, whether through volunteering, community involvement, or continuous professional development.  

Empower Trust Award  

The Empower Trust Award applauds the worker who has shown an exceptional level of honesty and trust beyond their professional responsibilities. This may include team leaders or mentors who support and inspire new care workers, ensuring the safety and well-being of service users, their possessions, and pets. This award also recognises care workers who build trust to encourage service users to develop independence, learn new skills, or engage in community events for their well-being.  

Champion Change Award 

The Champion Change Award acknowledges a worker who challenges the system and initiates positive change. This could involve suggesting and implementing improvements through engagement with their local branch or identifying cases where service users significantly benefited from a change in their care package. It also considers care workers who report circumstances that could have put service users at risk of harm. Hales Home Care aims to foster a culture of empowering change and encouraging staff to contribute to service enhancement.  

Exceptional Performance Award

This award recognises a worker’s dedication to Hales through their length of service, attendance record, and commitment to the company’s policies, procedures, and brand values. It will recognise an individual that embodies the cultures, values, and ambitions of the organisation. It is open to all Hales Group employees, regardless of their department or job role. 

Nominations for the Hales Care Awards 2023 are now open. We encourage colleagues, managers, service users, and their families to submit their nominations to recognise and celebrate the outstanding care provided by Hales Home Care’s dedicated team.  

Submit your nominations for the Hales Care Awards 2023 here >>


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