Hales Heroes Recognition Values

Hales Heroes Monthly Draw - Recognition Values

Going Extra Mile (Deliver a Personal Approach)​

To recognise the extraordinary contribution made by a carer or member of staff who go above and beyond​.

Creativity & Innovation (Champion Change)​

To recognise an employee or a co-worker that has challenged the system and identified a positive change that can significantly improve operations. This could be through ideas and engagement within the branch or department resulting in a change to a process.​

Outstanding Service (Professional Excellence)​

To recognise an employee or a co-worker who demonstrates dedication to Hales through length of service, attendance record and evidences commitment to our policies, procedures and brand values​.

Green Hero (Environment)​

To recognise a carer or member of staff that have made significant voluntary effort in helping protect the environment e.g through recycling or consumables reduction, through use of electric vehicles or cycles, or through sharing of ideas to reduce food waste e.g recipes with leftovers.

Community Hero (CSR, volunteers, outside work)​

To recognise an employee or a co-worker who has contributed to the promotion of all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, including the environment, sustainability and local community partnerships i.e. charity volunteering or local community service.​

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