Hales Group launch wellness initiatives to keep spirits up during third lockdown

12 March

Hales Homecare service users, Grace & June filling out the activity worksheet.

Hales Group has announced a series of wellness initiatives to help carers, service users and their families keep their spirits up during the third lockdown.

The company, which has home care branches across the country, said the launch is part of its broader commitment to the physical and emotional health of its staff and clients.

The initiatives include weekly activity sheets featuring quizzes, trivia and puzzles; online Zumba classes; seasonal activities themed around the time of year, the first of which was the RSPB Birdwatch; and an A-Z healthy food guide aimed to encourage a balanced diet and promote health and wellness in the run up to spring.

Hales Groups said “although these seem like small things”, they make a “massive difference” to the lives of service users who cannot enjoy social interaction with their family and friends during the lockdown.

M. Travis, a service user in Kirton Lindsey, North Lincolnshire, said: “I’d like to thank Hales for the worksheets I’ve been receiving, what a lovely idea during these dull days and thank you for being such a great company.”

Source: Homecare Insight


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