Hales Care Awards 2019

02 March

We are proud to have successfully launched our Hales Care Awards to celebrate and recognise the best of the best amongst our staff. Following the success of our monthly Hales Heroes awards, we wanted to bring our team together with the launch of an annual awards ceremony to champion and reward outstanding behaviours amongst our dedicated and hard-working staff.

We are committed to ensuring every member of the Hales Home Care team are given equal opportunities to shine. What’s more, we wanted to recognise the hard work our staff do in a way that shows our appreciation and respect for them as individuals. At Hales Home Care, we see the care we provide as much more than simply “work”: It’s a service, we have a duty of care and we want every member of our team to have a shared interest in what they do, how they do it and how well our service is delivered.

What are the awards for?

We created the awards to recognise hard work, dedication and initiative. As such, we based each of the four awards on our core values:
– Deliver a Personal Approach – Professional Excellence – Empower trust – Champion Change
We received over 300 nominations from carers, office staff and service users for the awards, which demonstrates the high regard our staff are held in. After reviewing each nomination, our panel of judges shortlisted 15 people and following a vote, four people were chosen as our winners, each of whom won a certificate, trophy and a £1000 cash prize.

Our 2019 Hales Care Award winners are:

DELIVER A PERSONAL APPROACH AWARD Winner: Amanda Gilding (from The Old Maltings branch)
EMPOWER TRUST AWARD Winner: Kathryn Sate (from our Scunthorpe branch)
PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE AWARD Winner: Christine Hamilton (from our Thetford branch)
CHAMPION CHANGE AWARD Winner: Lesley Anderson (from our Stevenage branch)
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Alison Kingston-Miles, Registered Scheme Manager at the Old Maltings had the following to say about Amanda Gilding (winner of our “Deliver a personal approach award”), “She deserves this award for the time and commitment she shows all our service users, especially Bernie who she has worked with tirelessly for the last 18 months encouraging him to become more independent.
Amanda goes above and beyond, organising functions after her working day – she does this voluntarily and with compassion and empathy to all.”

Alison went on to say, “Introducing the Hales Care Awards has made the team feel valued and part of a bigger organisation. Some of us have worked with other organisations in the past and have always been made to feel like the poor relations, whereas Hales value every member of staff, and it shows! Having Nicola Mewse (Managing Director of Hales) over to present the award was a huge morale booster.

It’s great to feel part of a bigger team and be recognised for the excellent care services that we provide from the scheme. It shows that Hales as an organisation appreciates all the commitment and hard work that goes into providing an excellent care service. Staff have all said that they feel proud now to say that they work for Hales.”
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