SPOTLIGHT ON: Sarah, Hales Care Hero in Scunthorpe

15 September

Sarah works as a Care Worker for Hales Homecare in Scunthorpe.

On how she began her career in care work, Sarah explained that she’s always wanted to help other people which led her to apply for a care worker role at Hales.

The best parts of her job, according to Sarah, are “delivering high standard of care, putting a smile on the service users’ faces, and making a difference to other people’s lives”.

To get a job in social care, you don’t always need qualifications or previous work experience. However, Sarah feels it’s important for people to be “respectful, friendly, flexible, communicative, reliable and empathetic” to be able to work effectively with vulnerable people who need care and support.

Throughout her time as care worker for Hales, Sarah has attended a lot of training and gained qualifications in Moving and Handling, Medication, Basic Life Support plus an NVQ in Social Care.

When asked about what she would say to people who are interested in starting a career in social care, Sarah said: “I would highly recommend it. It is very rewarding knowing you have made a difference to other people’s lives”. She added: “You will become a lot wiser and gain a deep appreciation for life”.

Interested in a career in social care?

Contact your local Hales branch to find out how working in social care can help you apply and develop your skills, and learn new ones to progress in the sector. Alternatively, please email


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