SPOTLIGHT ON: Hales Hero Courtney

26 October

Courtney finds being a care worker works really well for her. She said: “It fits in with my life. There is a lot of flexibility in this job.” When asked if she’s had any previous experience working in Care, Courtney said: “I have worked in Care for two years but had no previous experience before that.” She continued: “I started at the age of 17 and has now been with Hales for 6 months.”

The best part of working for Hales according to Courtney is the management. She goes onto saying they “are always here to talk and are very supportive and willing to help out. Everyone sticks together as a team. I feel like they want me to progress in my career as a carer.”

When it comes to the pros and cons, Courtney thinks the best part of her job is “being able to help people” but the negative side of that is trying not to get too attached to them. She explained: “You have to accept that sometimes people get too ill and need to go into a home to be looked after.”

To be able to be a care worker, past experience isn’t always the most important as you’ll get the right training however, Courtney feels it’s important for people to be “reliable, honest, caring and patient” to be able to work in social care.

Throughout her time as care worker for Hales, Courtney has completed all of her mandatory training and is now waiting to be signed up for her diploma in Health and Social Care. We asked Courtney what she would say to others who are interested in a career in care and she said: “It’s a good job to have. Yes, it is hard work, but it is very rewarding and well-worthwhile.”

To find out more about starting a career in care, please click here or contact your local Hales Homecare branch.


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