Care Workers Win Gold

09 July

The social care industry often comes under scrutiny and with individuals and their employers carrying the weight of responsibility relating to the quality, speed and effectiveness of the care delivered, often with little consideration for the environmental challenges, particularly in rural areas.

For this reason, Hales Home Care, has introduced the Hales Heroes Award; an award is given for excellence, in recognition of the work their team of care workers do every day. Qualifying care staff who meet the criteria centred on reliability, quality and professional competence are entered into the monthly draw with the opportunity of winning £1,000 and being hailed as a Hales Hero.

This month Hales Home Care recognised five care workers who’d each achieved a double hat trick – being nominated for the Hales Hero award six months in a row. The winners were:

Christina Bach, Jackie Milner & Georgina Mobbs from the Peterborough branch
Jurgita Dargyte from the Huntingdon branch
Dragos Cojocaru from the Ipswich branch

As a sign of appreciation and to reward the commitment to their work, each winner was presented with a Gold Hales Heroes Badge, a Gold Heroes framed Certificate and a cinema voucher to encourage them to spend some time on “themselves”.

With the Social Care sector contributing 46.2 billion to UK plc and uncertainty surrounding the 7.1% of the workforce that are EU migrants it is vital that Homecare providers offer a unique and rewarding proposition to its current and potential workers in order to be able to sustain vital care delivery to the most vulnerable sectors of our communities. Career pathways in homecare can lead to supervisory and management positions, training, quality and recruitment functions and personal development opportunities leading to qualifications are commonplace in social care.

Hales Home Care believe it is only by supporting their workforce, rewarding them well for the work that they do and recognising the challenges they face that the industry can start to raise the profile of care workers.


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