Billy on Working at Hales as an Admin Assistant through the Kickstart Scheme

19 October

As of writing, It has been about 3 Months since I started this job through the kickstart scheme.

Although this has been the first job I have ever taken on, this has been an amazing experience. Whilst working here, I have made many discoveries about both myself, and also a working environment, which I am now very confident and comfortable within.

I will be honest, for a little while It took some time for me to settle into this position, starting out in the office I was still shy, as I was just coming out of being isolated for a year and a few months due to the pandemic, so it was a big change to go from doing nothing, to working 25 hours a week. Although I very quickly adapted to the position and I am enjoying my time here now!

I have learned a lot about myself being here too, mostly being that I am much more capable and confident with myself than I had originally thought, there have been many tasks that I have been put towards, calling people, archiving paperwork, auditing files, some of these made me nervous as I wouldn’t want to fail these jobs, and was worried that I would. But with all of these tasks, I have been told to have done a good job, and have been able to complete a lot more than I believe I could have. As I am also someone who naturally wants to keep working on something, being able to keep a consistent schedule with something I actively enjoy doing has been really healthy for me personally.

Another thing I have gotten from the kickstart scheme is that I have become much more hands on with my own personal projects too, as working within hales, my mind has been a constant engine of work, and so when I get home after my workdays, that engine will still be going for me to work on some of my own creative passion projects, such as music, drawing or filmmaking. With this job too, I have been taught how to manage time much better and stick to it.

This job has been incredibly enjoyable, and to me it is very rewarding being here. I’m very happy that this job was able to prepare me better for the working world and I’m happy at the growth I’ve been able to make whilst I’ve been working here.

With only three months to go, I am happy, and ready to keep going to the end.
I thank my co-workers for all the support they’ve given me so far and I look forward to working with them till the end.

Billy Hewitt, Administration Assistant – Hales Homecare


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