5 myths about working in adult social care

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myths about working in adult social care

Over time, a few misconceptions about working in adult social care have deter people from joining the sector. We think it’s about time these myths were busted. Below we discuss what adult social care work really involves.

Myth 1: There are no opportunities for career progression

It’s a common misconception that care work is a dead-end job. Adult social care is a growing sector with a lot of rewarding roles available and opportunities to progress.

While employed as a Care Assistant, you can develop your skills by training in specific areas, like autism awareness, communication skills or supporting people with dementia. With experience, you can become a Care Coordinator. If you get further qualifications, you can also move into more senior jobs, like managing people or services.

At Hales, we support our carers through their career, and give them the opportunity to study for NVQs in Health and Social Care. We are committed to our staff and want to help them progress so they can see how they truly make an impact on the lives of our service users.

Myth 2: It is all about personal care

Adult social care work covers a wide range of tasks including personal care which involves washing, dressing, and getting out of bed in the morning. Although it is a key part of working with the elderly, adult social care isn’t all about personal care.

No two days are the same for a Care Assistant, just as no individual needs the same level of care and support. One day could be spent preparing meals throughout the day or helping out with light domestic duties, and another may require more hands-on and physical assistance.

Myth 3: Adult social care work is for women

If you think a career in adult social care is only for women, you are wrong. According to the latest facts and figures, carers in the UK are 58% women and 42% men.

Working in adult social care is all about caring. Whatever gender you are, old or young, if you genuinely care and want to help improve the lives of vulnerable people in the community, then a career in care is for you.

Myth 4: You need experience to start a career in care

False. For the majority of care jobs, experience is not essential although it can be an advantage. If you have the knack to make people smile, and you genuinely care about other people then a career in care could be for you.

Working with Hales means that you will have the opportunity to study and gain qualifications to progress throughout your career.

Myth 5: There is no career satisfaction

A career in care is highly rewarding for anyone who is passionate about helping other people and loves making a positive difference to people’s lives.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing how much help you’re giving the person you’re caring for or how thankful their family members are.

As with any career, being a care professional can be quite challenging. Due to the nature of the role, you may be required to work irregular hours, longer shifts and weekends. Having good time management is key to a good work-life balance, and to being successful and satisfied in a career in adult social care.

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